About us

SSN is a foundation established by professionals with more than 20 years’ experience working in diverse domains including environment, education, gender and civil rights.

Our mission is to support practical actions aimed at sustainability, widening and enriching our strategic network united by shared values and ideas.

SSN works to improve sustainable management and technologies through international cooperation, developing communities of practice, exchanging experience and influencing policy. SSN is dedicated to human rights, inclusion, gender equality, practical nature conservation and environmental justice. We cultivate mutual support and solidarity.

We come together with a shared passion and care for the Earth, people, and all other living beings. Our priorities include green and circular economy, development of sustainable and resilient local communities and social-impact SMEs, protecting and promoting cultural diversity and stimulating inter-cultural dialogue.

If you share our passion for sustainability, nature and inclusive culture, you can join us, support us and work with us!

What we do to make change

Two key elements of our work include:

Development of strategies and tools to promote sustainability
Transfer of knowledge and technology to inform policy makers
and affect management practices

We work closely with communities, private and public organizations to get a real-world understanding of sustainability issues. With this knowledge, we create collaborative partnerships with organizations, academics and policy makers to launch projects and programs that make a difference and improve lives. We committed to the promotion of sustainability strategies and technologies and open to cooperation with organizations and experts. We provide a wide range of services and support activities in local communities.

Our Partners’ needs are highly variable, ranging from strategies development, fundraising and staff training to implementing technical information, project and program design and evaluation. An assortment of strategies and tools are required to facilitate the exchange of information to a variety of audiences from grassroots initiatives and startups to corporations and governmental bodies. The Sustainable Strategies Network brings together professionals to meet these needs.


We guide organisations and communities on the way to sustainability through our consultations, audits, workshops, projects and programs. We explore the problem areas and develop solutions to transform the organizational and institutional systems, processes, create new products and provide services that are sustainable. We know that the future is positive, sustainable, cooperative, just and joyful. So we are creating a network to develop and share sustainable know-how and tools for positive change.

Sustainable design and permaculture

Gender mainstreaming, diversity & inclusion, policy development

Strategic planning

Organisational culture

Monitoring and evaluation

Knowledge management

Change management, including agile ways of helping people accomplish what really matters

Sustainability audit
Diversity & inclusion audit
Gender audit
Diversity & inclusion
Gender issues in HR-management
Change management
Permaculture design
Deep ecology
Sustainable tourism